Increasing environmental pollution directs people’s attention towards renewable energy sources. One of such sources is solar energy. Its use has an incredible potential, because  the sun send us more energy during an hour than all the people around the world use in a year … Solar energy is free, but possible configurations of photovoltaic devices can differ significantly in terms of price, performance and interaction of these two factors..

In ECOCENTRE ICPPC you will learn theoretical aspects and possible configurations of photovoltaic solar kits. At the workshop there will be a working example of how to install household solar power photovoltaic modules (known colloquially as solar panels) to enjoy free electricity from the sun.

Date: will be specified


1st day
From 14:00 – accommodation in POTOCZEK farm house
19:00 – dinner from local organic produce

2nd day – the workshop:
8:30 – 9:30 – breakfast from local organic produce
10:00 – 10:30 – visiting ECOCENTRE ICPPC
10:30 – 12:00 – 'Photovoltaics in theory and practice’ – lecture by Krzysztof Wietrzny, the director of Solarshop
12:00 – 13:00 – break
13:00 – 14:30 – 'Photovoltaics in theory and practice’ – workshop by Krzysztof Wietrzny, the director of Solarshop
19:00 – dinner from local organic produce

3rd day
8:30 – 9:30 – breakfast from local organic produce

Price 180 EURO includes: two breakfasts, two dinners, two nights in POTOCZEK and one day course according a programme

You can pay using PAyPal

or Beskidzki Bank Spółdzielczy, Oddział Wadowice SWIFT code: POLUPLPR account number: PL98811110192002200449650001 the account owner: FUNDACJA ICPPC

ATTENTION: You can stay longer or come earlier. Please let us know before-hand if you wish to do either! Lectures and workshops in Polish and English

Please apply now to: ICPPC – International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, 34-146 Stryszów 156, Poland, tel./fax +48 33 8797114,

FOR POTOCZEK look: Workshop will be near by in ECOCENTRE ICPPC .

Krzysztof Wietrzny – At the age of 16 he designed and built the first ecohouse, made of clay and straw, which you can see at ECOCENTRE ICPPC. He was the founder of ECOCENTRE ICPPC, where as the first person in Poland, he tested photovoltaic modules, solar panels, composting toilets and other green technologies. He participated and lectured in training courses and conferences in Poland and abroad. He guided  Prince Charles and many other famous people in ECOCENTRE ICPPC. For several years, Krzysztof has been the director of Solarshop , the company that promotes and assembless various green technologies.

See the short movie from the workshops „Photovoltaics in the theory and practice: