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  • Are you looking for inspiration and first steps to take towards self-sufficiency?
  • Do you want to produce your own organic food, learn how to preserve and store it in ecological, traditional ways?

Come to stay with us for a unique weekend of workshops in a the therapeutic atmosphere of our small holding at the ECOCENTRE ICPPC. Located in the foothills of Beskid Mały, our area is rich in natural and cultural bio-diversity, with traditional and organic small scale family farms and delicious farmhouse foods. Here, we offer you to take part in workshops organized in ECOCENTRE ICPPC with the aim to inspire you and help you learn how to become self sufficient in food and energy.

At ECOCENTRE ICPPC you can learn about clay-straw building, organic gardening, storing and preserving seeds and foods, using renewable and passive energy for the home, grey water systems and much more.

„It is a perfect place for all those who seek a quiet, natural,
healthy and 'hands-on’ holiday”.

Programme includes:

  • 3 day stay (including 2 nights); Accommodation is provided in the POTOCZEK homestay ( and in the EKOCENTRUM ICPPC in rooms for 2-4 people each.
  • Delicious meals (breakfast, light lunch and early dinner from local products – as detailed below)
    PLEASE NOTE: all products used in our food are of high quality and come from local sources. We do not use flavour or colour improvers, nor GMO (geneticaly modified organisms). All meals are vegetarian, VERY tasty and flavourful.
  • A programme of workshops and lectures; these take place in the EKOCENTRUM ICPPC ( and are led by specialists in the field. We welcome especially groups of 6-8 people.
  • ALL workshops are delivered in English and in Polish depending on partcipants.

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DAY 1 
from 3 PM
Arrival and accommodation
18:30 dinner made from organic and local seasonal products


IMG_0642 Obraz 062DAY 2
8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast made from organic and local seasonal products
9:30 – 11:00 Tour of the EKOCENTRUM ICPPC with a guide. Health in relation to building types – traditional buildings from straw and hey, presentation. Visit our farm and animals.
11:30 – 13:00 What air we breathe and how it impacts our health – renewable energy sources for our health and for the environment – presentation.
13:30 – 15:00 Lunch made from organic, local seasonal products
16:00 – 17:30 Workshop – using natural materials: making bees wax candles, wool/felt craft and decoration using seeds (using wool from our animals and learning about seeds)
18:30 Dinner made from organic and local seasonal products


8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast made from organic and local seasonal products
9:30 – 11:45 Where and why to look for good food. Growing vegetables – when? How? Which? Companion planting, composting, liquid feeds – lecture and workshops
11:45-13:15 Local Action Plan – developing city-village cooperation – lecture and workshop
14:00 – 15:00 Lunch made from organic and local seasonal products
16:00 – Departure


WORKSHOPS and LECTURES delivered by: Jadwiga Łopata, Sir Julian Rose, Krzysztof Wietrzny


JADWIGA ŁOPATA – initiator and co-founder of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC). She has been actively involved for the last 20 years in the work to protect and promote traditional aspects and values of Polish countryside, natural and cultural diversity. Jadwiga has a small traditional organic farm; for many years she has been the director of EKOCENTRUM ICPPC She is famous for authoring and passionately delivering inspiring workshops and lectures. Her work has been awarded Golden Cross of Achievement and the Goldman Award (ecological Nobel prize).

SIR JULIAN ROSE – one of the pioneers of UK organic farming, commencing the conversion of his farm in 1975. He developed a theory of local production and consumption which he named “The Proximity Principle.” His advice has been sought by local authorites, development agencies and government and he has spoken in the British, European and Polish parliaments. Julian has written and broadcast extensively and has just completed his second book “In Defence of Life”, about the radical changes needed to bring new hope to society. For the last 10 years, Julian has been the president of the ICPPC.

Krzysztof WietrznyKRZYSZTOF WIETRZNY – since childhood days an enthusiast of ecological technologies. At the age of 16 he designed and built his first self-sufficient clay-and-straw house, which is now used as a workshop space at the EKOCENTRUM ICPPC. He was the creator of the EKOCENTRUM and where he was conducting, first in Poland, tests of photovoltaics, solar panels, compost toilets and others. He took part in and delivered various workshops and lectures in Poland and abroad as well as hosted the visit of Prince Charles in the EKOCENTRUM ICPPC. He is a director of SOLARSHOP enterprise – which promotes and installs various ecological technologies.


PROMOTIONAL COST: 650 zł /or approx. 150 Euro per person. For organized groups not less than 6 people we can offer a 10% discount. The cost covers above mentioned programme.

PAYMENT: by bank transfer, latest 7 days before the start of the programme. For more information please contact by email: or phone 0048 33 8797 114.