On Thursday 19th Augsut 2010, The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside hosted 30 aspirants for the ‘Miss Supra National’ beauty competition which is taking place in Poland. The organisers were keen to bring the girls to ICPPC’s Eco Centre in Stryszow, as this year’s event is themed as an ‘Eco Educational’ initiative.

The ‘would be’ eco-beauty queens, from all over the world, started with a half hour tour of the centre, conducted by Chris Wietrzny, who established the site’s original clay-straw buildings and the solar panels that supply much of the centre’s electricity.

The programme continued with a lecture about ecological solutions to to-days growing food and energy problems and a visit to the ecological herb garden and greenhouse (see picture). Then all 30 of the aspiring young women enthusiastically supported ICPPC’s call for ‘a worldwide ban of GMO foods’ and expressed much pleasure at receiving natural Polish linen bags saying ‘No GMO’ and ‘Natural Genes’ with some special ecological gifts inside (see picture).

There followed a delicious lunch made from the produce of local organic and traditional farms (see picture). Jadwiga Lopata, ICPPC’s founder, explained that one of the secrets of keeping fit and healthy is to grow your own food and, when purchasing, always look for ‘real food’ from as local and as ecological a source as possible.

Julian Rose, ICPPC’s President, warned that the way to a healthy future was to steer well clear of all types of ‘junk food’ and to look for unpasteurised dairy products and fresh, seasonal and local good quality foods wherever possible.

The would be ‘Miss’s’ were very happy with their day out and left with a new level of awareness about positive ways to support the health and welfare of our planet.

Julian Rose and Jadwiga Lopata

contact number: 00 48 33 8797114, email: biuro@icppc.pl

Please note: The photograph of the women holding up linen bags (No GMO/natural genes) should be widely distributed as it is a strong and lively symbol of the resistance.


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