We are very pleased to inform you that the founders of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside were awarded the honorary Award from the 'Nieznany Swiat’ (Unknown World) magazine.
The award was explained as follows: 'Jadwiga Łopata and Sir Julian Rose have devoted a great part of their lives to make sure that those who will be born after us will receive what nature can offer in its diversity and abundance. The winners are well aware of the threats that lie in wait for small farms, which there are still many in Poland. They know that the regulations imposed by corporations will sooner or later force them to develop into big entrepreneurships, because the only alternative will be economic ruin. The fight to prevent this has become the ICPPC’s leading idea. (…) Being very much impressed by passion and energy of this year’s winners we want to honour their efforts which have one important aim: to preserve the gifts of Nature for future generations.’

Nagroda Honorowa Nieznanego Świata